Square Peg Construction Inc.              Bringing it all together since 1998
Square Peg specializes in finish carpentry and metal fabrication, designing and crafting the quality details that make a home distinctive.
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Finish Carpentry
We work primarily in designing and building custom woodwork, including doors and door trim, crown and base moldings, stairs and railings, cabinetry, custom brackets, and one-of-a-kind furniture pieces. Working in wood and steel, we build and install solid furniture-grade fixtures with uniquely crafted details.
Metal Fabrication
With two veteran metal fabricators on staff, we have designed and built custom metal hand rails and furniture pieces bringing the materials together in our integrated shop space.

Green Building
We are currently expanding both our furniture and eco-friendly offerings, working specifically to increase use of Purepanel™ structural panels within our cabinetry, doors, and custom furniture. Purepanel core is a nontoxic material composed of 100% post consumer recycled paper, and is the vanguard product of our general push to incorporate healthier, more sustainable products and practices in our work. Stay in touch with us to keep current with our innovations in lightweight, sturdy construction.
We also do 90% of all our finish work using General Finishes water-based enviromentally friendly products. Our use of water based products eliminates the need for chemical solvents to clean up, thus decreasing our enviromental impact. The look and feel that we are able to achieve using these products is far superior to any others we have tried.  

Square Peg Construction's breadth of experience and reputation for exceptional service and workmanship makes us the superior choice for a wide range of finish construction projects.